How to Choose the Right Boxing Shorts for Your Body Type

Boxing shorts are an essential part of a boxer’s attire. They are designed to provide comfort and ease of movement during a match. Choosing the right pair of boxing shorts can significantly impact a boxer’s performance. With various styles and designs available in the market, selecting the right pair can be overwhelming. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right boxing shorts for your body type.

Consider the Fabric of Boxing-Shorts

boxing shorts

The fabric of boxing shorts plays a crucial role in providing comfort and flexibility during the fight. The most common materials used in boxing shorts are satin, nylon, and polyester. Satin is an excellent choice for boxers who prioritize comfort, while nylon and polyester are more durable.

Length of Boxing-Shorts

The length of the boxing-shorts is another crucial factor to consider when purchasing a pair. Boxers who prefer to move freely should opt for shorter shorts, while those who prioritize more coverage should choose longer ones. The ideal length of the shorts should be above the knee to provide maximum mobility.

Waistband of Boxing-Shorts

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The waistband is an essential feature of boxing shorts as it keeps the shorts in place during the fight. The waistband should be comfortable and snug but not too tight, as it can restrict movement. Elastic waistbands are a popular choice, as they provide flexibility and adjustability.

Boxing-Shorts with Slits

Boxing shorts with slits are an excellent option for boxers who require a wide range of motion during a match. The slits on the sides of the shorts allow the boxer to move freely without any restrictions. Boxers who prefer more coverage can opt for shorts without slits.

Design and Style of Boxing-Shorts

Boxing shorts come in various designs and styles, including solid colors, stripes, and patterns. The design and style of the shorts are a personal preference and do not affect the boxer’s performance. However, boxers should choose a design that they feel comfortable wearing during a match.

Boxing-Shorts with Pockets

boxing shorts

Boxing shorts with pockets are an excellent option for boxers who like to carry their personal belongings during a match. The pockets should be small and positioned in a way that does not interfere with the boxer’s movements. Boxers who prefer not to carry any items should opt for shorts without pockets.

Boxing-Shorts for Different Body Types

Boxers come in different shapes and sizes, and it is crucial to choose a pair of shorts that suit their body type. Boxers with a muscular build should choose shorts that provide ample room for movement. Boxers with a leaner build can opt for tighter shorts that enhance their physique.

Cost of Boxing-Shorts

The cost of boxing shorts varies depending on the brand, material, and design. High-end brands offer top-quality materials and unique designs, but they come at a higher price. Boxers who are on a budget can opt for mid-range brands that offer quality materials and designs at a more affordable price.


Choosing the right pair of boxing shorts can significantly impact a boxer’s performance. Boxers should consider the fabric, length, waistband, slits, design, pockets, body type, and cost when purchasing a pair. By selecting the right pair of boxing shorts, boxers can perform at their best and achieve their goals in the ring.

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